Legacy data is often in a format difficult for non-legacy systems to access, such as hierarchical data structures. Whether you migrate data as part of a legacy modernization project, or you just need to modernize your data (in our out the legacy system), Reverse Paradigm has the automated solutions to safely and quickly migrate your data.

At Reverse Paradigm we have our automated tool IRIS-DB and expertise to to deal with the challenges of a data migration activity. We are fully aware of the challenges of migrating data among disparate technologies, the complexity of modelling data, the problem with poor data quality and data necessary cleansing activities not to mention the complexity of migrating massive volumes of data. Your organization cannot afford to keep its operations down and we have developed proven methodologies to complete the data migration in a very tight window.

FROM / TO       DB2 on z/OS RDBMS (*)
CA Datacom
Supra PDM


(*) Such as but not limited to DB2 LUW / Oracle / PostgreSQL / SQLServer