About Us

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

Our History

Reverse Paradigm was established by a team of experienced executives with extensive legacy modernization expertise.
Our team have been modernizing legacy systems for more than 30 years and successfully completed more than 100 modernization projects.
Reverse Paradigm has developed strategic alliances with leading business solutions and technology providers. Our Partners help us extend our capabilities to tailor the services you need, to the standards you expect.
Our customers include banking and finance institutionsinsurance companiesgovernment agencies, manufacture and fashion industries and armed services.

Our Mission

The “Reverse Paradigm” method, aims to set out the traditional thinking paradigms and rules, and identify solutions by looking at the process, product or service in their opposite states or conditions. It begins by looking critically at the current status quo and using a “what if” scenario in assuming it was the wrong way of doing it or impossible to do it that way, and then finding what other different methods could achieve the same result.
This methodology help to consider new innovation as it revisits advances in technology to look for new alternatives that avoids the “we have always done that way” mentality that may have been traditionally based on the limited technology that was available at the time.