To help the transition to more recent languages like Java or C# and/or leveraging more current platforms such as Windows/Linux while retaining the investment made in your legacy code / business logic, Reverse Paradigm has developed a set of migration tool and proven methodology for highly customize-able automated language migration.

The automated migration with our tool TULIP reduces dramatically the migration timeline and simplifies the testing effort.

The TULIP component dealing with the Assembler to COBOL migration is based on a Eclipse Plugin and it is currently in its version 3.10.1.

Assembler statements are automatically converted to COBOL 1:1 while macros are managed as copybooks with replace parameters and the tooling offers a variaty of costumizations.

The bottom line idea is to maintain the original business logic and interfaces for all the calling programs.

TULIP in conjunction with other components part of the Reverse Paradigm migration tooling allows the data migration such VSAM to relational.